IT & R JavaScript Tutorial – Overall Reflection

After some rigorous bonding with JavaScript, I feel I can confidently say I know a lot more about this programming language than I did before. I have to admit it is not as complicated as I thought it was. However, it’s a vast language, and it will take me sometime to master all the intricacies of the script in this language. Here is a brief overlook of what I learnt from the previous tutorials

IT & R 1

  • How to start a JavaScript section within an HTML document
  • Code to write within the head tags
  • How to create interactive Alert boxes

IT & R 2

  • Creating forms
  • Creating objects
  • Finding and learning from useful JavaScript related tutorials on the web

IT & R 3

  • JavaScript code is usually not used independently, it is inserted within HTML files to make pages more interactive
  • Found some cool JavaScript websites which had sliding and scrolling features.
  • Got an understanding of how JavaScript was used in Pinterest.

As a final exercise, I used Codeacademy to learn the basic JavaScript coding. There were a total of eight JavaScript practice lessons. This, by far taught me the most about this programming language, and I also had a lot of fun practicing each lesson.  I was stuck at a few points, after Lesson 5 but I went back to the previous lesson, and built up my skills. Codeacademy has Q & A forums that help users understand where they went wrong. I didn’t feel like a novice, since the code was not given, but I had to understand, and correct myself.

Thanks to Codeacademy I feel confident about doing the following in JavaScript:

  • Creating question boxes
  • Creating Alert boxes
  • Doing Math calculations
  • Playing with Numbers
  • Creating assigning and declaring variables
  • The difference between Lower Case and Upper Case code
  • Assigning strings and substrings
  • Substituting and replacing code
  • Writing comments
  • Assigning array values
  • What if/else statement

IT & R JavaScript Tutorial 3 is the example I chose, for discussion about JavaScript. The reason I chose this is because it’s one of the popular websites, built completely in JavaScript. The interface design, can be one of the major reasons for individuals accepting this site so readily. Although the website may not seem very dynamic, it is a highly interactive site. The design is quite simple, but the interface is very user friendly. There is an option to switch between people, pins, and boards. Transitioning from one page to another, and opening various pinned items is very easy.

Unlike many websites that are heavily loaded with content, this site has absolutely no issues.   It almost functions as a search engine, as it stores a ton of information. A separate section is allotted for videos. The categorization feature helps users to search within the website. Each section, genre, and category are properly demarcated, and available to click on when the user wants to. Thus, Pinterest functions as a great example for utilizing the JavaScript programming language.

IT & R – JavaScript Tutorial 2

This week I decided to learn something more significant about JavaScript, and found a YouTube channel that had forty tutorials just for beginners like me. Although I must admit I didn’t get through watching every single video, I watched at least 20-25 that seemed important in terms of the JavaScript language. Some of them were related to if/else statement, forms, and objects. I will confidently recommend this channel to anyone wanting to learn basic principles of coding in JavaScript. The videos are simple, easy to follow and the best part is one can simultaneously code in a program like Notepad++ while the guy gives out step-by-step instructions. Below I’ve added the first tutorial that’s an intro to JavaScript tutorial. I started learning coding by following step-by-step instructions from a book, therefore these tutorials really helped me ease into the process of practicing coding in JavaScript.

Another major plus point about the presentation in these tutorials is the way JavaScript is taught as a basic programming language. The other tutorials like the ones from W3C schools that I experimented with, were so complex and advanced, they gave me a sense that JavaScript was too intensive to learn in a short period of time. However, the YouTube tutorials that I mentioned above are a lot more helpful in terms of the mastering few of the important practical concepts of JavaScript.

IT & R – JavaScript Tutorial 1

As this is going to be a self-learning experience, I gladly created my plan of action for this project. I decided to learn about programming in JavaScript, based on what I already know in HTML. For similar learners, the information in the quote below  provides an important starting point to tackle JavaScript.

“Hypertext markup language (HTML) is a language used to create Web pages. The HTML language is interpreted by the Web browser, and it delivers the images and text for the user. JavaScript is a more advanced language to make Web pages dynamic. Both these languages have differences, but they are used in unison to present websites.”

The first difference is seen in the head tags.
1. The tags used to begin and end a script are the <SCRIPT> and </SCRIPT> tags. In the title the following JavaScript tag is used for script type.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

Focusing on the dynamic and interactive nature of JavaScript I learnt two important tag elements for this language.  Using the “Try it Yourself” option found at this link  I created buttons, and alert boxes.

2. Unlike HTML webpages JavaScript is dynamic, therefore creating interactive buttons is vital in this programming language.

<button type=”button” onclick=”()”>All About New Media</button>

3. Alert boxes are another interactive and useful feature in JavaScript. To create alert boxes,

In the head tag

function show_alert()
{alert(“Hello! I am an alert box!”);}

In the body tag

<input type=”button” onclick=”show_alert()” value=”JavaScript Tutorial in Progress for ENGL 766″ />

Individual Tutorial

JavaScript = Any browser = Many users

For the Individual Tutorial and Reflection project I want to work on JavaScript. Although I’m very tempted to explore Ruby, and HTML5 I’ve heard too much about the usefulness of JavaScript. I took one web design course in a community college, and learnt about HTML4, XHTML, CSS, and was introduced to JavaScript. However, since that was a one semester course, we could never get around to mastering the programming language. I feel I’m at a place where I can experiment with coding in JavaScript, and actually learn some significant skill in this area. Now that I already know a lot about its background, and a little of how it works in webpages, by the end of this course if I’m able to code using JavaScript that’s something that going to go right into my resume. Therefore, JavaScript it is! (But, I’m still going to maintain that Ruby rocks, and HTML5 seems super interesting in terms of the future of programming languages)