NM: Key Concepts: Chapters 5 – 8

New Media - The Key Concepts


Chapter five in New Media: The Key Concepts, talks about Archives. This chapter gave me a sense of how it is next to impossible to keep any secrets in the digital world anymore. Infact, the word privacy is largely having a cliched connotation today. This latest timeline feature on facebook  shows us how the largest networking site is able to records all the countless events in an individual’s life,on a single profile page.


Great example of Software & Hardware Interactivity

In terms of the human-machine interaction, most of us come across this on a daily basis. I was a proud “dumbphone” owner for as long as I can remember. Last year, I was compelled to teach an elder how to use their blackberry. It was like the less knowing human going to teach the least knowing human, on how to use a very alien technology. I’m a computer person, and I can get around most softwares with ease. But the smartphone in question was the Blackberry Bold  9900 series phone. The problem arised since I’ve never used a blackberry before. This being the most advanced of all the preceding series, took me a good one month to master. I’m convinced I’m using the longer method to call the voicemail number, since it takes me a good 10-12 clicks to hear a voice message. Therefore my interactivity with machine in question is still “good from far, and far from good”

 “For Baudrillard, this culture of simulation has three key and interrelated features. The first is that computer modelling can be used to design and ‘crash-test’ objects or ideas by running them through imaginary scenarios that predict and perhaps shape events before htey take place. The second is that reality gives way to hyperreallity – that which is more real than the real”.
(Location: 2306 of 3244)

Second life is popularly growing social networking site, that is evidently different from the networking sites we often use. On this site, an individual creates a simulated online version of themselves, and interacts with other simulated characters on the network. Although highly creepy I think this site a breakthrough for simulated communication technologies. A great example of what this site has achieved is they regularly conduct real-time concerts, and raise funds for charity organizations.

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