Project Plan

Based on my proposal, I’ve created a rough step-wise plan for this project. Throughout the creation of this project, my choices are going to be based on my audience. The colors, aesthetics, images, etc are going to be chosen based on the audience I’m trying to target.

This is going to be a work in progress project, and I will try make improvisations/changes, based on what I can and cannot achieve with JavaScript.

Below are the steps in which I aim to accomplish:

  1. Situate project by thinking about key concepts, and theorists
  2. Collect content, images, videos and  games related to topic.
  3. Create rough wireframes on Balsamiq for one main page and three subpages.
  4. Begin by writing the HTML code for the pages and subpages.
  5. Add text related content within the code
  6. Add media related content within the code
  7. Include a minimum of six JavaScript code features learnt in the Individual Tutorial project.
  8. Make final fixes, and check links.
  9. Run and Test code before final submission.
  10. Write Reflection, and submit project

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