Final Project



I hand coded this project by majorly using Notepad++ . This program simplifies coding to a large extent. The text, and symbols are differentiated with colors, therefore errors are minimized. The website template I chose is a very basic traditonal one. I learnt to create the template earlier. However, for this project I changed the colors, and dimensions a bit, based on what I felt was necessary. As one can clearly notice, I’m not very good at choosing website colors, but I tried to get an aesthetic look by matching contrasting colors like blue, maroon versus yellow. I created the website banner in Paintbrush. I didn’t really need to use an advanced image editor, as paintbrush has most of the features to create a banner with the right dimensions. I’m an expert in using both these programs, although, I still have to further explore the controls in notepad++. I got most of my images from clip arts like PowerPoint, and other free web resources.

Elements – Rhetorical Requirement

This website is a work in progress, and I’m interested in turning this project into a full-fledged one, once I collect enough content relating to the subject. I basically wanted to create a resource site for teachers and students, by using the coding skills that I have. Although the website is still in the early stages, I think it works as a great interactive tool. The name of the website is “Behavior 101”, and I feel the content and interface does some justice to it.

Stuck in the process

I certainly got stuck more than twice during the process of this project. My  desire was to create a sliding website, which moved in the horizontal direction, for page navigation. I checked out many tutorials, but it required some knowledge in Ajax and JQuery. Not knowing too much about those two languages, I stuck with my traditional template.

JavaScript is more of a programming language than a web designing tool. Hence, my options for designing something were very limited.

  • I incorporated the date feature in the homepage.
  • I used JavaScript alert boxes where required.

Yet, I incorporated whatever JavaScript programming knowledge I acquired to increase the interactivity on my website. I tried to create True and False statements using the IF/ELSE feature, however when I ran the code, I wasn’t getting the right answers. I plan to work on it , so that I can create many more activities using the programming features in JavaScript.

Key Concepts

As I mentioned in the proposal the top three concepts I was banking on were Interactivity, Interface and Information.

Interactivity – I was aiming at creating a simple interactive environment, which would be useful for students and teachers.  Anne Balsamo writes extensively about interactivity in terms of literacy. I find the influence of technology  and how it shapes educational institutions very interesting. Thus, through this website I was successfully able to create a new site of interactivity for students and teachers.

Interface – Like Joel Haefner writes about code, and states that “In one sense, computer code is ultimately action: you write, you run it on the computer, and it works or bombs.” I like to believe that my code and interface worked, and didn’t work too in some areas. I’m highly intrigued by coding, and so planning and creating this interface was a very engaging process. I think the interface is aesthetically and functionally pleasing, and serves the purpose to a large extent.

Information – I heavily relied on this aspect, and included a lot of media like images, slideshow, text etc in my website. I also hyperlinked to many other useful websites. There are tons of books and literature available on the topic of behavior management. This topic is always current, and valid and needs to be reinforced over and over again. Through this website I made a small effort of creating a database of information on the topic. Not only did I provide information, but I also linked out to other useful resources on the web.

I aim to turn this into a full fledged project over the summer. Although its a small beginning, I feel like I can play around more with handcoding, and programming, and learn a lot in the process.


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