Designing Culture – New Text – 3

Word Cloud of key terms by Anne Balsamo

Reading this book made me think about how key terms really differentiate the work of each scholar. Anne Balsamo’s work  on the subject of New Media, sets her apart from other scholars due to her unique approach and ideas. She uses everyday terms like imagine, and innovate as the main central idea in her book.  All of us think of innovation when it comes to technology, but imagination is something we tend to overlook. The terms in Designing Culture make it a highly provocative book, which pushes the reader to think and act.  Below are some of the important key terms, with accompanying quotes from Designing Culture:

  • Technoculturethe interaction and politics of technology and culture.

“Technoculture must be understood as a historically specific formation: it is contingent on particular historical actions and forces, but not necessarily determined by them.” (Balsamo, 8)

  • Technological Imagination: A mindset that enables people to think with technology, to transform what is known to what is possible. allow for the continuity of cultural experiences across generations.

“The education of technological imagination is not just the business of engineers and computer scientists; on the contrary it is the responsibility of educators across the curriculum.” (Balsamo, 7)

  • Innovation: technological innovation: Balsamo gives us ten lessons of Technological Innovation. These lessons help us in gaining an understanding of her definition of Innovation.

“Those who engage in technological innovation are not simply involved in the creation unique consumer goods, digital applications, gadgets, and gizmos, but also in the process of designing technocultures of the future.” (Balsamo, 5)

Balsamo, AnneDesigning Culture: The Technological Innovation at Work. Duke University Press, 2011. Print.


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