IT & R JavaScript Tutorial – Overall Reflection

After some rigorous bonding with JavaScript, I feel I can confidently say I know a lot more about this programming language than I did before. I have to admit it is not as complicated as I thought it was. However, it’s a vast language, and it will take me sometime to master all the intricacies of the script in this language. Here is a brief overlook of what I learnt from the previous tutorials

IT & R 1

  • How to start a JavaScript section within an HTML document
  • Code to write within the head tags
  • How to create interactive Alert boxes

IT & R 2

  • Creating forms
  • Creating objects
  • Finding and learning from useful JavaScript related tutorials on the web

IT & R 3

  • JavaScript code is usually not used independently, it is inserted within HTML files to make pages more interactive
  • Found some cool JavaScript websites which had sliding and scrolling features.
  • Got an understanding of how JavaScript was used in Pinterest.

As a final exercise, I used Codeacademy to learn the basic JavaScript coding. There were a total of eight JavaScript practice lessons. This, by far taught me the most about this programming language, and I also had a lot of fun practicing each lesson.  I was stuck at a few points, after Lesson 5 but I went back to the previous lesson, and built up my skills. Codeacademy has Q & A forums that help users understand where they went wrong. I didn’t feel like a novice, since the code was not given, but I had to understand, and correct myself.

Thanks to Codeacademy I feel confident about doing the following in JavaScript:

  • Creating question boxes
  • Creating Alert boxes
  • Doing Math calculations
  • Playing with Numbers
  • Creating assigning and declaring variables
  • The difference between Lower Case and Upper Case code
  • Assigning strings and substrings
  • Substituting and replacing code
  • Writing comments
  • Assigning array values
  • What if/else statement

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