IT & R – JavaScript Tutorial 2

This week I decided to learn something more significant about JavaScript, and found a YouTube channel that had forty tutorials just for beginners like me. Although I must admit I didn’t get through watching every single video, I watched at least 20-25 that seemed important in terms of the JavaScript language. Some of them were related to if/else statement, forms, and objects. I will confidently recommend this channel to anyone wanting to learn basic principles of coding in JavaScript. The videos are simple, easy to follow and the best part is one can simultaneously code in a program like Notepad++ while the guy gives out step-by-step instructions. Below I’ve added the first tutorial that’s an intro to JavaScript tutorial. I started learning coding by following step-by-step instructions from a book, therefore these tutorials really helped me ease into the process of practicing coding in JavaScript.

Another major plus point about the presentation in these tutorials is the way JavaScript is taught as a basic programming language. The other tutorials like the ones from W3C schools that I experimented with, were so complex and advanced, they gave me a sense that JavaScript was too intensive to learn in a short period of time. However, the YouTube tutorials that I mentioned above are a lot more helpful in terms of the mastering few of the important practical concepts of JavaScript.


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