The Language of New Media (Post # 2)

The following quote by the author Lev Manovich encompasses his personal goal through this book,

“It is my hope that the theory of New Media developed here can act not only as an aid to understanding the present, but also as a grid for practical experimentation.”

Production Process 

As our group was trying to tackle the question about the Production Process, I found the above video, which clearly tied in with the research related content in our book. Taking the writing research class last semester, I learned about research methods, methodology, sampling, surveys etc. In this video Manovich talks about his experience as a professor and his research methods. Many scholars can gain and learn from his methods. He demonstrates how he uses advanced technology to analyze games, images, and other visuals. Therefore the depth of his research work clearly comes forth in this video.

 Film and Cinema 

“The Language of New Media” was quite an intensive read, since it heavily relied on film theory. Some of the terminology used by the author was very deeply rooted in film and cinema related studies. I found a map that made connections of all these terms. Lev Manovich talks a lot about how new media has evolved from the old avant-garde art of the early 90’s.

After reading this book, and many positive reviews on it I’m convinced that as a literary and pedagogical text this book has great classroom potential. The term “New Media” is defined, in a very useful manner with much clarity and depth.

Manovich, Lev. The Language of New Media. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2001. Print


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